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A Message to the Parkland Community One Year Later, From a Virginia Tech Survivor [The Mighty]

“The purpose of recovery is to live in the present without being overwhelmed by the past. It is going out in public, like one used to, and feeling safe.”

Approaching the Anniversary of the Parkland Tragedy [Safe and Sound Schools]

“The anniversary and the time leading up to the anniversary is a time to pause and process your emotions. Recovery from trauma is a process. It takes time to move through the stages the grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.”

No One Survives a School Shooting Without Scars [VICE]

“Solutions to preventing active assailants receive a lot of attention in the news and social media, but it’s important we don’t forget about improving the active shooter response and crisis recovery... What did individuals do to protect themselves during the shooting? What unfolded after the shooting ended? How were students reunified with their families…”


You Don’t Have to Be Shot to Be Scarred by a Mass Shooting [SELF Magazine]

“Psychological trauma does not require a physical injury in order to take hold of you. I often reflect on the years between the shooting and the start of my recovery. I refer to them as my lost years.”

After the Shooting, It Was Never the Same. [Washington Post]

"I had a tremendous fear that it would happen again. People told me about the odds, but that wasn’t much comfort: I’d already defied them. I hear way too often: “A mass shooting won’t happen to me. Not at my school, and not in my community.” That’s what I thought, too, before it happened at Virginia Tech. The truth is that it is always somebody’s school and somebody’s community, somebody’s loved ones. And there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again."

 Dear Fellow Survivors [Huffington Post]

"When I was 21, I didn’t have a clue what prioritizing your self-care meant, and I thought recovery was for those who were shot. For those of you not physically injured at the Sutherland Springs, Texas, shooting, you will likely have a recovery journey, too. Everyone’s journeys look different, and recovery is usually not linear."


Physically Uninjured - A Survivor's Perspective [Domestic Preparedness Journal]

"It is extremely awkward and uncomfortable to ask for resources and invitations to attend private events when students and faculty died, and others may not be able to walk again. It feels selfish."

A Virginia Tech Survivor's Story [Campus Safety Magazine]

"On the morning of April 16, 2007, I laid on the floor as a gunman tried to enter my computer science class at Virginia Tech..."

A School Shooting Survivor's Story: Lessons Learned [Children’s Mental Health Network]

"Trauma occurs in a variety of forms and to varying degrees. It has a lasting effect on those who experience it. For a long time, I underestimated the effect that trauma had on me. 

On April 16, 2007, two weeks after my 21st birthday, I was sitting in class at Virginia Tech when I heard an unfamiliar popping sound..."